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1) Unity Draws God’s Favor
God is pleased with humility demonstrated in unity. He empowers people to be much
more effective working together than as individuals.

2) Business is God’s Idea
Business is an opportunity to imitate God by serving your client’s needs while blessing your
employee’s lives.

3) Leadership Shapes Culture
Caring for people is good leadership. A leader who values their staff will end up with a staff
which values one another.

4) Serving is the Essence of Leadership
Leaders who are genuine and authentic model the values which they teach. Faith and
Character must be demonstrated before it can be imitated.

5) Prayer Moves God’s Hand
God gets involved in your business community on an invitation only basis.

6) Reproduction is an Evidence of Maturity
Success is found in making others successful. Healthy organizations are built by believing in
people and giving responsibility away.

7) Character Reflects God’s Nature
We are made in God’s image and likeness. When we demonstrate good character we are
simply acting like our Father.

8) Community is Christ’s Witness
When people are able to live and work together in harmony it is a miracle and testimony to His

9) Character Focus Cultivates Cultural Integrity
The quality of a culture and the strength of an organization is determined by the success of
the individuals who comprise it.

10) Excellence is Produced by Faith
Exceptional performance is always a gift of God and an opportunity to acknowledge Him.

11) Identity Determines Destiny
Help people to see themselves as God sees them and they will be able to be who God designed
them to be.

12) Transformation Results From Christ’s Presence
When Jesus is present in the workplace He brings His order. Within His order is right living,
right relationships, proper perspective and every blessing.